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The SW Mummy Story - Who We Are & What We Do

Our Story

A caring, fun and supportive network for London mums and dads



SWM was established after having my son Cole last November.

Our aim is to provide a support system for fellow mothers and fathers, and a community where you can easily share experiences and knowledge, in a comfortable and informal environment.

The initial SW Mummy group was actually born over a year ago with the help of the Baby Centre website, where I met 7 amazing ladies in my November 16 forum. We quickly became not only friends but each other’s support system and life line.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that these ladies plus the NCT group most probably saved me from going through a dark period. Even though motherhood is the most amazing experience you could ever go through, it can also be a very lonely and an emotionally daunting period.

This is what made me come up with the SW Mummy concept. The aim is to provide parents from all walks of life with a supportive community.

We are a hub for all mums and dads in London, and whilst presently we are only in South West, we soon hope to expand into other parts of London. So, whether you are on maternity leave, a stay at home parent or work full/part time, we provide support and networking opportunities for all.

We offer regular events with and without the babies, we’ll also be hosting workshops and coaching sessions with leading experts on anything from weaning to marketing or starting your own brand/company. We aim to cover a variety of topics. If you become a part of the SWM family you will also benefit from a host of discounts.

Our goal is not to judge. How you choose to parent is entirely your own choice and our mission is to have fun whilst creating friendships in a supportive and relaxed community.

While you are on our site, please check out the list of family friendly events in your area.

I hope I get to see you lovelies at one of our events soon, and if you are not already doing so, please follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page.


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